Ep 1: Poison and Poetry

I am so thrilled to have my friend Zoë Bird as my first guest on the pod! We started a conversation about 7 years ago and it hasn’t quite stopped. In this ep, we’re going to talk about “showing up” for the friends in your life. Zoë is also going to talk about her work with the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project in MN. It’s a great organization: www.alzpoetrymn.org. At the end, we both totally fangirl about our Dream BFFs.

We taped this a while ago, so our Bestie of the Week really should be expanded to include the names Irma, Jose, Maria. Sending love to all of those impacted by these storms and the friends who are supporting them.  If you have some coin to spare, consider donating at oneamericaappeal.org, launched recently by all five living former American Presidents to provide disaster relief to those impacted by the storms.

Enjoy the pod!

Music by Kevin D. Hartnell.



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