My Movies, My Friends

Editors note: We’re in the process of building a new series of episodes and hope to launch them around the new year. In the meantime, my friend Tracy Backer of “oh, you’re a movie critic now” blog is bringing us a blog post on how her love of movies has been a catalyst for making friends. Enjoy!

My Movies, My Friends

Tracy Backer

If “I write a movie blog” doesn’t sound like a winning pick up line to you to you, I can confirm, it is not. Sadly. However, I have resorted to it when my conversational skills start to lag, which is often. Actually, I do write a movie blog. The writing is a pretty solitary endeavor, but the act of watching and discussing movies can be very social, even if the watching is done alone. I’m not an effusive person, except when I’m talking about the topics I enjoy, and that includes movies. I love talking about movies, and heaven help you if you ask my opinion, it may not be the 10 second soundbite you were expecting, or hoping for. But it’s not a monologue; it often becomes a wonderful and fun exchange about what types of movies the other person likes, or what their family members like to watch, which usually leads me to give a recommendation or two, or not subtly, send them a link to my blog with the suggested movies. If it’s a new movie, we might discuss whether it should be seen on the big screen or if the television will suffice; if it’s suitable for kids (I have a lot of experience with that); or if I think it might be up for an Oscar. It’s really fun when I make a suggestion and the other person follows up on it, and then really enjoys the movie. Most of the time I watch the movies by myself, at home or in the theater, but I do have a few movie friends with whom I will watch movies. The benefit to watching a movie with friends is you can immediately discuss it, while it’s still fresh and immediate. I like having a different perspective, too, perhaps one of us has seen the movie before, and has expectations on what the other person will think. I remember watching Young Frankenstein with a teenager friend of mine, thinking it was one of the funniest movies EVER. I don’t think he laughed once. We’re still friends, though. Many of my friends think I’m too high brow, or judgmental, for certain movies, like Bad Grandpa, but see it, I did, with two friends. I’m kind of embarrassed, but I laughed so hard, my sides hurt. I justified it by saying it might be nominated for an Oscar, and thankfully, it was. Occasionally, going to the movies becomes an event; like when the Oscar-nominated short films are released, a friend and I go to see one set (animated or live action), have lunch, and then see the other set. It’s been an annual outing for about 4 years. So, while writing a movie blog has not yielded any romantic results, it has widened my circle of friends. Hope springs eternal.






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