The Friend Pod aims to connect you with friends you have and friends you haven’t met yet.  Join us for our podcast conversations with people trying to figure out what makes friendships work and why these relationships are so important.

Each week, we’ll have a new friend on and find out what he or she is passionate about. Have you ever wondered about modern “Friendiquette?” We’ll dive into thorny and heartfelt questions from our nearest and dearest and provide some proactive friendship advice. My guests and I aren’t experts and we’re not therapist, but we want to dive into these questions with you each week. We want to help you figure this friend stuff out and make you laugh. And, if we’re lucky? We’ll make some new friends in the process.

Kate Summers is the host and creator of The Friend Pod. A professional event planner by trade, she loves creating shared experiences, bringing people together and good lighting. And her dog, Luna, is her best friend.